Magic Made in Mexico

magicmadeinmexico11.jpgMAGIC MADE IN MEXICO is made up of three parts—each almost a book in itself. It also features a condensed account of how my husband and I started and still successfully run our own business in México.

To further increase your enjoyment and knowledge, a suggested reading list provides the names of other informative and interesting books about the country.

In “JOANNA’S STORY”, you will read about how I met the man who would become my husband and how I moved to México to be with him..

The second part “The Alphabet” features anecdotes and practical tips that explain some of the culture shocks you may be experiencing, and helps to ease your adaption to the unique culture and customs of México…from A to Z.

In the third section of this book, “OUR COUNTRY – OUR STATE – OUR CITY”, you will find a condensed, concise, history of México (and the Yucatán). Many of your questions about pre-Columbian México, the Spanish Conquest, Independence and our Republic up to the modern day will be answered while reading through the easy-to-follow pages. Learning about the past, in turn, will increase your understanding of present-day México.

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The author has a true understanding of the country, it’s customs and it’s culture that few non-native people ever achieve. But she is still a Canadian and so seems to understand the foreign point of view as well. It’s an interesting combination indeed.

I wish there would be more books like this, which really captured Mexico’s essence and it’s people and less of the sensational reporting we read every day.

Joanna’s book, “Magic Made in Mexico,” is magic. For a person who is thinking of living permanently in Mexico or just visiting, it is an easy, pleasant introduction to the country and what a newcomer will need to cope with. I have lived in Mexico quite a few years, but I found much in the book which was new to me and quite helpful to my understanding of events during my own sojourn here.

It’s a must read for everyone thinking of making a transition to Mexico or to better understand why your friends find Mexico a great place to spent their time and money.

Her stories will show you the charms found everyday in Mexico. She captures the essence of a beautiful culture and people, and unfolds the Magic Made in Mexico.