The Woman Who Wanted the Moon

womanmoon2The story spans two decades: 1968 – 1988, a period of great socio-political upheaval in Mexico. It unfolds after the summer of 1968 when university students took to the streets of Mexico City. Waving placards and banners, they called for change. They wanted their voices to be heard.

The XIX Summer Olympics were scheduled to open in a matter of days, and global scrutiny had focused on the country’s leadership. In order to squash rumors of interruption or cancellation of the Games, the autocratic government set out to definitively end the public disobedience.

On October 2nd, the army received orders to open fire on a crowd of 10,000 gathered at the Plaza of Three Cultures in Tlatelolco, a public housing complex, not far from the capital city’s downtown area.

The scale of death and destruction shocked the nation. The press was censored – any unauthorized reporting about the massacre meant immediate incarceration.

In the aftermath, former lovers Amalia Vasquez and Alejandro Mendez meet again and rekindle their romance – a spontaneous act with lifelong repercussions.

The personal, professional and political challenges the couple encounter over the ensuing 20 year period, mirror those of the country. But, THE WOMAN WHO WANTED THE MOON is not a dark story – it celebrates of Latin passion, spirituality, resourcefulness, and family loyalty. Indeed it is an epic tale with unexpected and unconventional twists.

In ways. I started out with a different premise. I wanted the book to be more about politics and less about relationships. But my characters had other ideas…

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